Monday, May 12, 2014

Topeka (TOP) to Kansas City International (MCI) Bus


Hashtag : #topmcibus


 We need an Airport Shuttle

Living in Kansas, you need to get to the Airport, you don't want to pay for the expensive shuttle. People are working in Topeka and fly home for the weekend. People want live in Lawrence or Overland Park and work in Topeka. There is a great need for public transportation in and out of Topeka, the train only goes twice a Day at odd times and is not feasible for commuting.

The Impact

People will save money, they will save pollution by pooling transportation.

What you get?

When you donate to this project, you will get transferable passes for the bus. The first runs will be for Monday morning from Topeka to the airport and back, and on Friday evening. If you don't need your pass you will be able to sell it to someone else.

Numbers (updated):

Here are some ideas for numbers, I have one quote from a bus charter company.

Single Ride : $25
Monthly Pass : $200
Yearly Pass : $2000

The cost of chartering a 56 passenger bus is roughly $700 one way, At two trips a week ,and 52 weeks of services, with a %25 overhead fee it will work out to $1625 per person per year.

Work in Progress

The numbers are not worked out and approximate. Any donated funds will be used towards the project and towards tickets. We reserve the right to change the prices due to insurance, fuel and operating costs.

I am starting this campaign to see if people are interested and will pledge money. If we don't reach the money we will refund the donations.


People would like to see a commuter bus from Lawrence to Topeka on a daily basis. They would also like to see the Airport bus to go to Kansas city as well. I can imagine it could stop at Legends mall as well. 
We can adjust the schedule and stops depending on what people want and will see what can be done.  The first step will be for weekly commuters and then we will look for daily ones.